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R News January and February 2017

A Recipe from the Box
IPNC Recipe collectionAccording to legend, the International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC) was conceived among wine makers and foodies who gathered at Nick’s Italian Cafe in McMinnville, OR. Since Remy’s mom, Joan Drabkin, was a cook and organized the catering at Nick’s, she was there when this group, who had a great feeling of camaraderie, came up with the idea of IPNC. They wanted it to be a celebration and not a contest, but they also felt that the food was just as important as the wine. In August of 1987, IPNC was born. The first year, Joan volunteered to be the culinary director, and she continued in this position for 14 years. In 1993, she started the International Pinot Noir Recipe Collection, which takes the recipes from celebrated chefs cooking for hundreds of people at IPNC and prepares them for a family group. Joan Drabkin
The collection contains many notable chefs of our time: Frank Ostini of Beulton, California’s, The Hitching Post; Michael Wild of Oakland, California’s BayWolf; Anne Rosenzweig of New York’s Arcadia; Robert Del Grande of Houston, Texas’ Cafe Annie, Michael Foley of Chicago’s Printer’s Row Restaurant; Thierry Guillot of Nuits-Saint-George’s La Cote d’Or; Greg Higgins of Portland, OR’s Heathman Hotel Restaurant and Bar; and of course Nick Peirano of Nick’s Italian Cafe in our own McMinnville, OR. In honor of Nick’s 40th Anniversary on February 5th, we have included his own recipe. Please click the link below. Nick’s is currently pouring Remy Wines Dolcetto!
Nick’s Pesto Hazelnut Lasagne


  1. sylla Katz

    Thank you for sharing that recipe and the great photo of Joanie. I do hope to make it in for some of your wonderful Dolcetto – just in time for Valentines day.

    • Gwen

      Thanks Sylla! We hope to see you for some Dolcetto too, because it’s almost gone!

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