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905 NE 10th St.
McMinnville, OR

Our Wines

About Remy Wines

By producing elegant and complex Italian varietals grown in the Pacific Northwest, Remy Wines has earned a reputation as a top producer of non-traditional grape varieties. Winemaker Remy Drabkin started the winery in 2006 choosing to focus on Sangiovese, Barbera, Lagrein, and beginning in 2010, Dolcetto. Located in downtown McMinnville, Oregon this small urban winery creates limited production wines that are sourced from a single vineyard and are 100% varietal.

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About Three Wives Wines

Three Wives wines are really good every day wines. Started as a recreational label for winemaker Remy Drabkin, the wine varieties vary with each vintage but the quality of the wines never does. The name comes a from a story of mistaken identity on an Alaskan fishing trip, you have to get Remy or one of her parents to tell you – its great!

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Tasting Notes

In the near future, you will find links to archived tasting notes in this place. For now, imagine them in all of their glory.